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Full Version: Karim Benzema To Join The Reds On January, Real Madrid Accepts The Offer
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Liverpool has chosen to sign yet another player into their existing roster. Rumors speculate that there might be a new transfer waiting to happen, only this time the price on it is going to be much larger. Even though not much has been known about the deal until just recently, some details are surfacing and it seems that the Reds are going to add a world class striker to their team.

For a stunning amount of £38 million, Liverpool has tried to make an offer to Real Madrid and quite possibly sign Karim Benzema, whose personal opinion on the matter hasn’t been revealed yet. The transfer is going to happen during the January transfer window. The deal is agreed on both sides, so the only thing Brendan Rodgers needs to take care of right now is speaking to the player himself about the transfer. A player of this caliber is sure what Liverpool needs to add some power to the starting 11.
Real Madrid are trying to get rid of him and I don't see how could he improve our game. But who knows, maybe this will be a big boost for us and for him as well. Like it was with Sturridge, before he joined us he was only on the bench at Chelsea and after that he exploded.
If this happens it would be a fantastic deal. He's a quality striker, who's proven himself in a couple of different countries and is still young enough. I guess when you're in a team with Ronaldo, Bale, Rodriguez etc, it's very easy to be overlooked. But he's definitely a top striker.

It may also get Balotelli either back on the bench or working hard to prove his worth. My only problem with this story is that clubs still in the Champion's League don't like to sell players in January, and if Liverpool buy him they wouldn't be able to play him in the Champion's League this season either.
He seems to me like a decent player in a world-class team, he got carried by his teammates, otherwise there wouldn't be any great Benzema. Maybe I'm wrong, and he just doesn't shine at his real value because of his teammates. Who knows, in the actual conditions I'd try anything at Liverpool, he just might be the one who brings us back to life.
The way he played in el Clasico still suggests to me that he is very underrated. His running off the ball made space for the other players, and I actually think he was the main difference between Real and Barcelona. He definitely would be a decent addition.
He would certainly be a brilliant addition to the team, but dont you think that the chances of him coming are really slim. Like didnt he just sign a new contract with Real Madrid? And besides madrid wont let him go until they sign some top striker and i dont think they are signing anyone anytime soon.
Yeah, I think it will be a difficult one to close, particularly in January. But it's possible that he'll go in the summer. Him signing a contract to me just says that Real can get a transfer fee for him if they decided to offload him.

And as for a replacement, they may not be the same type of player and Real would probably look for an extra striker anyway, but Hernandez is on loan until the end of the season there and I can see Man U wanting to offload him full time. I suppose it depends on how well he performs there before Real decide to seal that deal.
I think Benzema would be a great addition and in my option he would/will play even better for Liverpool than he did for Real Madrid. French players were always successful and did a great job playing in the English Premier League. From all the strikers Liverpool could possibly aquire he would be my first option, but of course I admit I'm being a little subjective here.
He certainly played well enough against Liverpool to show us just what we're missing! Maybe they'll do a part-exchange with Mario Wink